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Снова обнаружена подделка наших Семян - Томат Примадонна ! Будьте бдительны! Не покупайте семена в такой упаковке!


  • 110-120
  • 160-300
  • Интенсивно-красный
  • конусовидный
Полет F1 Полет F1 Полет F1 Полет F1 Полет F1 Полет F1 Полет F1 Полет F1 Полет F1

Flying. The variety is middle.
The period from germination to technical ripeness is 120-130, to the biological - 140-150 days. The plant is medium tall, medium foliage. The leaves are dark green, large, egg-shaped. Fruits tapered, wide, large, with a smooth glossy surface, mild faces and slightly rounded at the sides, 2-3-chamber. Location fruits slumped. Painting of fruit in a phase of technical maturity - light green, in a biological - dark red. Fruit weight ranges from 120 to 300g., Depending on growth conditions and stage of ripeness phase. The thickness of the pulp of the pericarp 5-6mm in the phase of technical maturity, 6-8 in a biological. High-keeping quality of fruits. Potential yield 35-60 t / ha. Hardy to Verticillium wilt. Designed for use in a phase of technical and biological maturity in the canning industry and home cooking. Recommended for open and protected ground.

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