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Victory F1

  • 200-250
  • 93-95
  • 200-220
  • Малиновый
  • Округлый
  • Индет-ый
Победа F1 Победа F1 Победа F1 Победа F1 Победа F1 Победа F1 Победа F1

Early hybrid. The period from germination to maturity of 93-95 days. The plant is slightly leafy, indeterminate type, height 200-250 cm. The first cluster is laid on a sheet of 6-7, 1-2 subsequent sheet. Brush with a simple 6-8 fruits weighing 160-180g. Painting of a ripe fruit - raspberry. The fruits are rounded, good taste and transportability, very dense. Out of standard fruit 98% yield for the first 2 gather of 9.2 kg / m, taking into account the end of 23 kg / m². Potential yield 20-23 kg / m². Hybrid is resistant to Alternaria and TMV.

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