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Ivanovich F1

  • 70-90
  • 90-95
  • 180-200
  • Розовый
  • Округлый
  • Дет-ый
Иваныч F1 Иваныч F1 Иваныч F1 Иваныч F1 Иваныч F1

Ivanovich F1. Early.
90-95 days from germination before maturing. Determinant, compact, medium foliage, height 70-90 cm. The inflorescence is simple with 5-6 fruits. The first inflorescence is pawned on 5 sheets. Fruit without a green spot at the stem, rounded, dense, transportable. Painting light green unripe fruit, ripe - pink, weighing 180-200 g. Friendly harvest returns. The yield for the first two collection 11-12 kg / m², total 18-20 kg / m². Hybrid is resistant to Alternaria, Fusarium, TMV. It recommended for the production of early production in greenhouses and open field.

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