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Aurora F1

  • 80-90
  • 79-82
  • 110-120
  • Ярко-красный
  • Округлый
  • Дет-ый
Аврора F1 Аврора F1 Аврора F1 Аврора F1 Аврора F1 Аврора F1

Aurora F1 ultra-ripening determinate hybrid. Ultra-early high-yielding hybrid with a mass of 110-120, the fetus combines excellent taste and transportability. It recommended for the production of early production in greenhouses and open field. The period from germination to maturity 79-82 days. The compact, bush height of 80-90 cm. In the bush 5-6 is formed of simple brush of 4-5 fruits in hand. The first cluster is laid on a sheet of 6-7, the next 1-2 slate. Fruits are large, round, slightly ribbed, red intense, dense, with no green spot at the stem. Multi-purpose, excellent taste and product quality. High maturity, maturing druzhnost produces in the early stages of the first two collection to 60% of the total harvest. Yields of 14-16 kg / m2. Hybrid is resistant to Alternaria, TMV. The stocking density of 5-6 plants per 1 m2. To get an earlier harvest recommended Forming plant one stem. After early harvest returns hybrid grows well and is able to give an additional yield.

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