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Снова обнаружена подделка наших Семян - Томат Примадонна ! Будьте бдительны! Не покупайте семена в такой упаковке!

Indeterminate hybrids

Indeterminate varieties and hybrids of tomatoes have unlimited growth of the main stem. In the context of heated greenhouses and in a warmer climate such plants can grow year and more, giving 40-50 hands harvest. Such variety is strongly recommended to form a certain way. If you are a resident of the southern regions, it can grow a plant in a greenhouse, and in the street, tying in high stakes or a trellis. If you live in the middle lane or the north - that such varieties suitable for greenhouses. And if you live further north and have short summers, these types of tomatoes you will not do, because they give the crop later than the other types of tomatoes. In indeterminate varieties of flowering under normal conditions begins after 9-12 true leaf, and flower brushes are usually laid every 3 sheet.

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