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Types of hybrid tomato (Determinant | Indeterminate)

Indeterminantny grades and hybrids of tomatoes have the unlimited growth of the main stalk. In the conditions of the heated greenhouses and such plants can grow in warm regions year and more, yielding till 40-50 harvest brushes. Such grades it is recommended strongly to form definitely. At them all stepsons delete and conduct in one stalk. From this it follows that if you the inhabitant of the southern regions, can grow up such plant both in the greenhouse, and on the street, tying up to high stakes or on a lane. If you live in a midland or to the north — that such grades will be suitable for greenhouses. And if you live still to the north and you have a short summer, such types of tomatoes not especially well will suit you because they give a crop after other types of tomatoes. At the indeterminantnykh of grades blossoming in normal conditions begins after 9-12 present sheets, and flower brushes are put usually through each 3 leaves. Determinant tomatoes differ in that stop the growth after setting of a certain quantity of brushes (4-5 brushes, as a rule). Determinant, in turn, share on the super-determinant — very early, usually not demanding pasynkovaniye and "simply" determinant which nevertheless should be formed, deleting excess stepsons, differently receive the plant overloaded with fruits fruits on which will be poured later and will ripen. And after all the main advantage of determinant grades — early and amicable (amicable — not always!) return of a crop. At determinant grades the first flower brush is formed after 5-7 leaves, and new brushes are put through each 2 leaves.

Determinant grades will be suitable for an open ground as in the south, and in a midland. In the greenhouse it makes sense to grow up them only in more northern regions. But usually (again it usually!) they after all are required to be tied up that bushes didn't fall to the ground. What to do to those who wants to do nothing — neither to tie up, nor to form and pasynkovat? I put supposedly tomatoes in the spring, and in August — I reaped a crop. For such workaholics too there is a type of tomatoes, they are called standard. Standard tomatoes — it is a version determinant, but they have lower "growth" and a strong stalk. Here they just don't demand neither a podvyazyvaniye, nor formation. At standard and superdeterminant grades the first brush can be created after 4-5 present sheets, and the others go through 1-2 leaves. You think all? As if not so! After all exist also semi-determinant grades. They have no such tendency to completion of growth as determinant, but nevertheless can zavershkovatsya (to finish the growth) at the most unexpected moment. In middle latitudes such tomatoes are suitable for greenhouses where it is better to conduct them in 2 stalks.


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