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Снова обнаружена подделка наших Семян - Томат Примадонна ! Будьте бдительны! Не покупайте семена в такой упаковке!

RCBSA - this is one of the leading companies in Transnistria, which is engaged in breeding and seed the tomato and sweet pepper.

Director of the Research Center breeding, seed production and agricultural technology Panchev Yuri Ivanovich more than 25 years of experience in breeding of tomato and sweet pepper 11 years. He is the author of more than 25 varieties and hybrids, which received copyright certificates confirmed patents.



One important area of ??our work - is to create tomato hybrids possessing a set of qualities that are hard to combine in grades. Over the years the center to create a hybrid tomato with a variety of technological assessments. Our product range is represented by hybrids of different ripening by 78 days (Aurora F1) to 105 days (Love F1), with a mass of fetal different colors from 110 to 300, at the height of the bush from 0.80 to 2.00 m. Almost all of our hybrids and varieties have the complex resistance to major diseases. We also are actively working in the field of plant breeding and seed peppers. Designed and successfully cultivated varieties "Eaglet" and "Flight." For many varieties of sweet pepper breeding Moldavian our center received the certificate of the originator - "Gift of Moldova", "Hercules," "Swallow," "Winnie the Pooh", "Gingerbread Man", "Ruby".



Modern manufacturing base, checking the sowing seed quality inspection and strict controls ensure high quality seeds. This helps expand the geography of our products. Varieties and hybrids of our center spread in Ukraine and Russia. Our focus is to ensure that as far as possible to meet the desires of the consumer. Call, write, come! We are always glad to see you!











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