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Снова обнаружена подделка наших Семян - Томат Примадонна ! Будьте бдительны! Не покупайте семена в такой упаковке!

The beginning of our activities in the selection of tomatoes and other vegetables.


Today vegetable growing gains the increasing popularity among peasants as highly profitable branch, however considering that the main part of regions of our country doesn't get to category sub – tropics,greenhouses and shelter considerably increase efficiency of branch, and also reduce the risks connected with weather conditions. Considering frequent both spring and autumn frosts, application even temporary shelters allows to accelerate disembarkation of seedling in soil for 25 – 30 days. And stationary  greenhouses allow vegetable growers not only to receive earlier vegetable production but also considerably to increase its quality and productivity. Today I want will share experience as at the minimum expenses we managed to increase considerably the area and to improve quality of our the protected soil. Our scientifically research center of selection of seed farming and agrotechnology (further "NITsSSA") Began the work on the site rented in collective farm which was transferred to us to use state later. act. The part of the square was occupied with greenhouse economy on which  greenhouses the area 120m2 were located (40*30m)., constructed хоз in the way at the beginning of 80 years of the 20th eyelid of fittings and a rod. Greenhouses seedlings, convenient for cultivation, are suitable for cultivation of vegetables during the whole season, in connection with complexity of processings of extreme ranks especially at cultivation of the cultures demanding a garter much less. However our first hybrids and grades such as "Irina", "Aurora", "Gelena", "Sanka" were created in such greenhouses.

I admit honestly each field season began with cones on the head both of me and of all personnel. Even a helmet from a pith tree bought which safely for 2 years broke. Therefore construction of new greenhouses was one of the main objectives. The question of construction of the Dutch or Israeli greenhouses wasn't even considered in connection with their high cost. The decision to begin construction with own forces was made, remaking old arches. The semi-arch leaning on direct support was the most effective and convenient from our point of view that allowed partially having straightened to increase an arch greenhouse width to 5.5 m and to establish height necessary for work – 2.5-2.7 m. In the highest point, and 1.8-1.9 m in the lowest point of the greenhouse. The covered part was calculated on a  with a width of sleeve of 3 m. arches were mounted at distance of 1.7-1.8 m from each other them connected 3-5 lashes of Ø 12-14ml fittings. Additional rigidity to the greenhouse is given by a wooden bar 15*40 located along the greenhouse, length of a bar depends on greenhouse length, further to this bar will be the fastens. Such form of arches allows to connect without effort certain greenhouses in complexes. opiry on each of support two arches. The optimum basis for racks are the concrete column which is filled in after installation in the drilled hole of fittings or a rod with a diameter of 20 mm. However we went on the way of reduction in cost of the project and acceleration of assembly for this purpose ignoring a rod depth to 80 cm further hammered at an angle one more rod and welded it on a rack. It helps us to avoid a flash of greenhouses in crop peak when on an arch the maximum loading lays down. End faces of greenhouses were sheathed by a board of 100*30 in size according to the scheme shown in fig. 5 where the size of an entrance door was calculated by us under work of small-sized equipment and made 1200mm. For airing of a complex in the period of high temperatures on the top covered part windows which if necessary can be closed by means of the simple mechanism consisting of a pipe and the handle are left. The pipe is stretched to the middle of the greenhouse since one and other end. When fastening a  various options which depend on availability of this or that material are possible. There are certain inconveniences connected with that that in the period of intensive rains (if those are available) all rain water gets on regions of greenhouses at racks to avoid it it is possible to arrange in a junction of arches of the trench which size depends on greenhouse length.

Construction of similar greenhouses helped us from available material in short terms considerably to increase the areas of the protected soil used plant louses of selection work.


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