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Снова обнаружена подделка наших Семян - Томат Примадонна ! Будьте бдительны! Не покупайте семена в такой упаковке!

Once again on us. Breeding tomato.

We it "Scientifically research center of selection of seed farming and an agrotechnology" which was created 1996 in the region which was always famous for the selection achievements. We try not to drop according to the lights glory of Tiraspol as center of selection of vegetable cultures. Two main cultures on which selection work is conducted are tomatoes and pepper sweet. Today it is more than 30 grades and hybrids to the register of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries Brought in state. I am sure that such names as Irina, Gelena, Sanka, Aurora will tell at once about much to the educated vegetable grower. We live and we work for you dear rural toilers, creating the grades adapted for our not simple conditions. Our scientific development is focused as on the summer resident providing the family with vitamin production and on the producer who is growing up this production for realization. After all vegetables today this one of the few directions in agriculture capable to provide profitability from 60 to 100 percent. To take at least tomatoes are a culture allowed a huge number of peasants not only to survive in these not simple times, but also to become independent, teach children, to help parents. Yes, I know that there are more significant cultures: grain, sugar beet, but big and large traders and processors unfortunately earn on them today. And today to start growing up tomatoes everyone can, being sure that having enclosed work and a small segment of means will be surely rewarded. The seasonal dacha with vegetable beds and a small pornyak, the rural estate with film greenhouses and a kitchen garden, tens and hundreds of hectares of industrial landings, all this it – TOMATO. It can be large, reach one and a half kilograms and with a small weight of 10-8 grams, high and compact, white and red, orange and violet and always in any kind it remains a product, extremely useful to the person. After all it contains the whole complex of biologically active agents without conceding on the nutritional value to any exotic vegetable. Selection work on culture of a tomato is conducted in the most various directions as the ultra early grades created by us – Sanka and Aurora F 1, allow to receive high-quality fruits in 78-85 days after tomato shoots, and orange and fetal grades: heart of gold and gold bullet, being early, contain to 3,70 mg of a betokarotin (pro-vitamin A) and are a fine dietary product, besides actively brings radionuclides out of a human body that is an important factor in the conditions of an adverse ecological situation which developed in many regions and if to add to it that, the tomato almost only of vegetables doesn't accumulate nitrates, it becomes clear that the weak demand in orange and fetal tomatoes is based on low awareness of our readers on their useful qualities. . One of the main indicators on which work is conducted, in our scientific research institute it is fruit tastes, creating grades and hybrids the suitable for transportation and storage yielding magnificent harvest to 20-22 kg from square meter we do everything in order that taste of these grades cardinally differed from the "plastic" analogs created abroad. The prima luxury of F1, the prima donna luxury of F1, Hope luxury of F1, hybrids which took strong positions in the market and are loved both producers, and consumers for fine productivity and magnificent tastes. Considering that the plant can and has to bear a certain esthetic loading, and at giving people today not only works, but also has a rest. The certain directions in our selection researches is creation of grades of a tomato with an exotic look it is pottery culture "Cherie" presented by a number of lines compact with darkly green "curly-headed" leaves both intensively red fruits weighing 15-18 grams, and tall, capable to create a shadow on an arch and to treat the owner with fruits on taste coming nearer to wild berry and what they in marinade, in bank gleaming all flowers from light-zelennogo to crimson, they as if speak: "better than tomato there can be only a tomato which is grown up by the hands!!!". !!!". I hope We still will have an opportunity to talk about tomatoes after all today I didn't mention also the tenth share of those directions in which work in our NITsSSA on culture of a tomato is conducted, and after all there is still a pepper which on the qualities isn't less unique than tomatoes. After all according to the content of vitamin C, it surpasses not only currant, but also a lemon. The irayenirovanny grades in Ukraine created in our center are Weeded also by the Eaglet, conform to all requirements of the modern market. At high early ripeness, productivity of 40-45 tons from hectare thickness of a perikarp (a fruit wall), at Polet's grade reaches 8-10 ml that actually comes nearer to gagashara (tomatnovidny pepper). Today we conduct primary seed farming and the improving selection on 18 grades of sweet pepper of the Moldavian selection such as, Belozerka, the Athlete, the Gift of Moldova and others, including in this number of 6 positions on tomatovidny pepper, it: Kolobok, Ruby, Gold anniversary and others. Prepare for transfer to gossortaispytaniye the new line of pepper tomatovidny with bright yellow pulp and fine tastes. I count that fruits of work of our selectors will be favourably apprehended by the general vegerable-growing public and I hope for further meetings with you on pages of this edition loved by all. Yours faithfully director of "RCBSA" Panchev Yu.I.


  • Галина February 2019
    Много лет не изменяю сорту огурцов "Родничок". Последние три года приобретала семена в прозрачных пакетиках с вложенной этикеточкой, на которой пропечатано "Панчев". Потрясающая всхожесть, живучесть и урожайность! Только сейчас узнала, что за фамилией Панчев огромный коллектив НИЦССА. Спасибо вам всем за ваш труд.

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