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RCBSA - this is one of the leading companies in Transnistria, which is engaged in breeding and seed the tomato and sweet pepper. 


Dear visitors, I welcome you on our site.

Today, when a large number of events occurs in the virtual world. Now and We can provide the Internet a resource which will allow our clients and simply interested people to investigate our production and in desire to get it, having ordered delivery.

I am glad that business with which staff is occupied the research center, allows us to create unique grades in the real world. And by means of the virtual world to organize your acquaintance by it. On creation of any of the presented grades to be spent 10-12 years labor-consuming works, and on such hybrid as "The prima donna F 1 17 years from the first crossing before to take out the patent are spent. All these years we existed, and our dear buyers worked thanks to you. In 2015 we will celebrate 20-year anniversary of our work. At this time many of you became our regular customers, true friends. We are proud of   we never deceived your expectations on qualitative characteristics of our grades.

For those who has no opportunity to arrive to us we will try to give the maximum volume of information on our pages.

For those who learned about us for the first time, summary of our work:

Selection researches are conducted on 4 main cultures it: Tomato, Pepper sweet, Eggplant, Cucumber.

1. I will begin perhaps with darling with me cultures – Tomatoes. The natives of South America brought to Europe as "Love apple" they adapted today almost in all climatic zones, and on useful qualities nutritionists put them on the second place after spinach. There is a huge variety of grades by the size, color, a form, a chemical composition . Ultra-early grades, such as "Sanka", "F1 Aurora", "A pink miracle of F1" will provide you with highly  production in 79-85 days after shoots.

And a grade "Heart of gold" being ultra early, remains to one of leaders among tomatoes in the contents In - carotene, to 3,7 mg/% of this vitamin contain its golden-orange fruits and thus contain 50-70 units of nitrates. F1 belong to the same group of carotene of the containing grades "Stesha" and "Amber heart of F1" which productivity makes 15-16 kg on m.

The following big group of grades are grades with crimson coloring of a fruit, in the people it is called by "Mikadoes". We created more than ten the pink fruits of the hybrids differing on maturing terms from ultra-early "A pink miracle of F1" and "Liang pink" weighing fruit of 80-100 g, to mid-season, such, as "Vano of F1", "Ivanychf1" and "the Brother of F1" with a mass of a fruit to 300-350 g. In a grade interval between them early and average and early, such as "F1 Rose tree", "F1 Glow", "Crimson ring of F1" and a number of others weighing 120-150 g.


In the market there were hybrids the pink coloring and plastic taste created in "West" and having. "They" know there that the consumer devours with the eyes. What further not to come back to this subject I will note that the bulk of the hybrids created in the foreign selection centers differs in plastic taste. It is connected with lack of selection work on tastes. For our scientists it from Soviet period remains to one of the main indicators. Fortunately, we manage to combine in the hybrids high tastes with fine physicomechanical properties of a fruit and productivity.


But the most demanded still was and remains a tomato with traditional red coloring of a fruit. In our assortment they are represented by more than 30 hybrids differing on maturing terms, a bush gabitus, mass of a fruit, and designate  a useful sign.

From our hybrids, you will easily pick up the conveyor of grades of different function, for year-round consumption of fresh tomatoes and production a tomato of products of various extent of processing. I won't stop in detail on early  and

to Wednesday - early hybrids such as "Prima donna", "Irina", "Nastyona", and also other hybrids, this type from our price are adapted and have a wide circulation in many regions from Zakarpatye to Khabarovsk. One of our last novelties highly geterozisny hybrid "Eva"  to be stored months after collecting and differs in a beautiful heart-shaped form and high productivity, means reaped in October every crop of tomatoes will be able to give them to a New Year's table. I advise to pay attention to our grades like Cherie, it is "Barberry", "Dniester Pearls" which on tastes it is safely possible to compare to berries. You look, choose also fine to you flavoring feelings.

2.  Pepper sweet or as it is called still "Bulgarian". It is useful not less tomatoes, and in the content of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) surpasses currant and a lemon. Fresh in salads, the adzhikakh, sauces stuffed, fried he will decorate any table. But it is whimsical and exacting, to the gardener, needs higher agrotechnology, than the previous vegetable and very much doesn't love loneliness. The pepper landed in ranks with the necessary density of standing always will yield a bigger harvest, than his aloone standing colleague. We will be quite simple to tell the reasons of it surely about them in the section of an agrotechnology, and now about grades:

In our assortment near 20 grades of pepper sweet such as "Athlete", "Victoria", "the Gift of Moldova", "Winnie-the-Pooh" created in the Soviet Union on which we we are official originator, and created in recent years, but already widely adopted "Weeds", "Alexy", "Kirill". The listed above grades belong to cone-shaped with productivity of 8-10 kg/sq.m, in a biological maturity – red, and in technical lime as also "Eaglet" or light-yellow as "Alexy" and "Kirill" "Weeds".

Considerably differ to the best on the tastes of a grade with a tamatovidny form of a fruit or as call them in the people of "Gogoshara". At us they are presented by such grades as "Ruby" and "Kolobok" with intensively red fruits in a biological maturity and with золотисто yellow coloring – "Gold Tamara" and "Gold Anniversary". Grades "A red horn" and "the Red Trunk" have is extended a cone-shaped form, and in their names we tried to display their appearance. They will surely please you with both the tastes and an original form. Will adequately look on your tables and large-fruited it is extended a cubical grade "A gold bast shoe".

Successfully passed a competitive sortoispytaniye of a grade and hybrids of pepper with a cubical form of a fruit with various coloring in a biological maturity red, yellow and orange.

We hope that soon they will start pleasing, both producers, and consumers of vegetable production.

Finishing conversation on grades of pepper sweet it is necessary to tell about such grade, unique on the properties, as "Swallow". The high content of pectins does this pepper by a fine prophylactic at very many diseases.

Further in our articles we will tell about cultures not less interesting to vegetable growers and gardeners –it is the Eggplant and the Cucumber.

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